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As a way to connect with you, away from social media, I am creating the thirty3.


It’s my space, in the form of an email, where you will receive three highly-curated content sections from yours truly each month: 


1. The reflection: what am I thinking about lately?


2. The nourishment: what have I cooked recently? [expect lots of veggies involved]

3. The vibe: what got my attention during the past month?

Past Entries:

ENTRY #1: The letter 'ayn', the tale of princess Kaguya, and what it means to turn 33 (May 2022)

ENTRY #2:  On missing deadlines, anniversaries, and recipes featuring chickpeas (June 2022)

ENTRY #3: On all things green - money, arugula, bike rides, and more (August 2022)

ENTRY #4: Coming September 2022

Thanks for subscribing! See you soon!

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